The Courses for Kids Partnership Approach

We believe that to really initiate and sustain change between parents and children, there needs to be an approach of partnership and learning together. In traditional parenting courses parents attend on their own and learn how to tackle problems in isolation.

We realise and understand that learning how to parent children and making positive changes that last, is no easy business. All of our courses have been uniquely created by a GP and Child Psychologist who are experts in child development, health and the psychology of behaviour change. On our courses we draw on the principles from a range of psychology fields, such as CBT, mindfulness and health coaching.

We guarantee that our workshops will be fully engaging, interactive and fun! We use a variety of evidence based teaching strategies such as simulation and visualisation to keep our courses dynamic and relevant. You will be able try out new ways of doing things with you child with the support of the other participants and our trained expert facilitators.

We genuinely believe that the Courses for Kids Partnership Approach will allow your family to build a new foundation of understanding, trust and respect that will continue into your child’s future and beyond.