Welcome to Courses for Kids


Our Philosophy: The Courses for Kids Partnership Approach

Courses for kids is a new innovative concept in parenting courses offering a safe, protected space for parents and their children to explore together a range of common situations encountered in childhood.

The unique benefits of the Courses for Kids Partnership Approach:

- This approach has been developed by Dr Sonia Kumar and Dr Batul Al-Khatib who together have over 20 years’ experience in the fields of health, psychology and child and adult education. We offer both courses and bespoke consultations.

- Our courses are dynamic and use cutting edge teaching methodologies such as visualisation, simulation and multi-sensory approaches. Many of our course activities are drawn from evidence based psychological techniques such as CBT, health coaching and mindfulness.

- A key part of all our courses is that parents and their children attend together. We strongly believe that learning with each other is the key to enhancing communication between you and your child. This will open up new ways of talking and really listening to each other for the future.

-Our courses are structured to be child centred, interactive, positive and fun with long lasting impact.

  • Fully qualified health and psychology professionals who are highly knowledgeable and skilled in cutting edge change facilitation techniques
  • Insight into your child’s world: new seeing = new doing
  • Enhanced communication with your child: learn and practice new ways of talking and interacting
  • Our courses are structured to be interactive, positive and fun